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I bet you can make that


I’ve had a fleece jacket from Mountain Equipment Co-op for a long time - the “Slipstream” jacket.  I love it, but it’s starting to show a lot of wear.  I took the pattern from the jacket and made a replica using some Polartec windstopper fleece that I found at Fabricland. (July 2014)

Lots and lots of pickling and preserving!  Front: peach chutney; back (left to right): tomatillo salsa, pickled cherry bomb peppers, pickled jalapenos from my garden, pickled beets and carrots, bread and butter pickles (recipe here), dill pickles. (August 2014)

A stuffed elephant toy for our nephew (pattern from here). (August 2014)

We picked lots of berries this summer (our freezer is actually full of berries), so we’ve been making jam!  So far we have: raspberry, sour cherry gooseberry, blueberry, saskatoon, blackberry, and strawberry. (August 2014)

Garden update!  The cherry tomato plants are ~6 feet tall and are still producing lots of new tomatoes.  The jalapeno plant produced 14 peppers, and the cajun belle (red) produced nearly 30 peppers!  Since the plants are in containers, I brought them indoors so they can continue to ripen (we’ve had overnight frost warnings).

Seedlings repotted!  Thanks Cathie for the beautiful, healthy seedlings (from left: La Bamba jalapeno, beefsteak tomato, yellow cherry tomato, kale, cajun belle pepper, north star pepper, black cherry tomato).  I’m trying a wire mesh trellis for the tomatoes instead of a cage.  (May 2014)

Fruit pizza (combined effort by Lee and Cathie) (May 2014)

Homemade Mother’s Day gift!  Clockwise from top left: meyer lemon plant sprouted from seeds, tamarillo plant sprouted from seeds, homemade chocolate dipped caramels (caramel recipe from here and chocolate from here), homemade nougat (recipe from here).  (May 2014)

Moss mini skirt (another great grainline studios pattern!)  (April 2014)

I’ve filled a big hole in my wardrobe by sewing myself a spring/fall coat!  This is the “Gerard” coat from this Republique du Chiffon pattern. I used a wool/polyester blend, so it’s warm but also durable.  (April 2014)

Another project on my new serger - yoga/lounging pants! (April 2013)

I finally bought a serger!  I made these hemlock tees (another grainline studios pattern) to try out some knit fabrics. (April 2014)

shorts from this grainline studios pattern (August 2013)

Sour cherry turnovers (April 2014)

Homemade creme eggs!  (from this recipe)  (April 2014)